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CSO100 - Theme For 2023

Driving business value and  building cyber defence

The explosion of ransomware, zero-day attacks, third-party breaches, along with long-term remote work concerns and the integration of operational technology with IT systems have culminated into a crisis of confidence for IT security leaders. Nine out of 10 IT and security leaders believe their organization is falling short in addressing cyber risks, according to IDG’s 2021 Security Priorities Study. In response, they’re implementing best practices for proactive security strategies, investing in hardware and software to better protect sensitive data, and increasing security awareness of employees through training. In many cases, they’re moving to outsource security. 

Evolved threats to critical infrastructure and human implants will increasingly blur the distinction between cyber and physical attack, resulting in offline destruction and physical injury. Moreover, increasing incorporation of augmented and virtual reality technologies into daily life has the potential to result in cybercrimes which entail psychological harm to individuals. 

The IT threat landscape continues to grow broader and more complex, and it’s weighing on security leadership, who overwhelmingly believe that their organization is falling short addressing cyber risks as ransomware and other attacks increase, employees continue to fall for phishing scams and leadership isn’t convinced of the severity of the situation. In response, they’re launching new offensives to be better prepared to respond to the next unexpected security incident, to better protect sensitive and confidential data, and to improve security awareness of employees through training. They’re looking at an arsenal of new solutions, including zero trust and SOAR solutions, as well as increased security and awareness training for employees, and outsourcing of more security functions.

Key Discussion Points:

  • State Of The Security 2023

  • Cyber Threat: a tip of the iceberg, let’s explore what lies beneath  

  • Scaling Security Operations: The Answer To The Challenge of Threat Inflation

  • Data Privacy : What's on the Horizon?

  • Future is Autonomous: Cybersecurity with AI-powered Automation

  • Zero Trust: Evaluating the Trust Quotient

  • Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Next Generation Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA)

  • The Importance of Password Management for Protecting Your Business

  • Cybersecurity & Digital India at the Crossroads

  • The changing role of CSO

  • Don’t be a Cyber Victim: Search for Hidden Threats

  • BFSI Special : Safeguarding your customer experience amidst complex threat landscape 

  • Tackling big challenge of cybersecurity skillsets: The road ahead 

  • Embracing Data Democratization with Effective Data Governance

  • Automation and Digital Manufacturing: Where's the risk?

  • Simplify and Consolidate with Security Service Edge


Photos from 2022 Edition

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