CSO100 Award 2019

An information security enthusiast with over 10 years of experience, Vikram GR is presently working as the CISO at Diageo India, one of the largest liquor manufacturing companies. He spearheads the information security as well as IT compliance functions. His specialties include delivering security-as-service to business and stakeholders, implementing latest security tech and driving adoption, multitasking as an auditor, advisor, hacker, security professional and consultant, among others.


Diageo India prioritizes compliance to InfoSec policy primarily towards information management. Data privacy and protection of confidential information is the key priority. The company wanted to introduce a mechanism and robust technology to identify critical information assets valuable to the organization, enforce appropriate technology which users can adopt for effectively classifying and protecting e-information, and centralize information storage and standardize collaboration needs. To address these requirements, the organization adopted a methodology that identified key technologies to drive Information management effectively. An interactive application was developed through which users can update information assets they generate and manage. This helped in preparing central repository of information assets across business functions. The company also deployed a solution which helped in enforcing mandatory classification for all users in all types of information generated across MS word, PowerPoint, excel and emails. Another mechanism was enforced to enable users to completely control the information shared between team members. The benefits include a significant improvement in classification of identified critical information, and an improved information security posture at the organization.