CSO100 Award 2018

Subhanil Banerjee is the Senior Manager- IT Infrastructure and Security at ABP. He has over 11 years of experience in the IT industry. A results-oriented individual with proven success & experience in technical and operations in the areas of Designing / Implementation, IT Applications/ Service Delivery, IT Project Management, IT/IS Strategy & Roadmap, IT Security, Data Centre Management, Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation, Business Continuity Planning, IT Compliance and Governance.  Key security initiatives Recent threats made ABP feel the need for an in-depth and quick analysis. Otherwise it could spread across the entire organization like a wildfire. For this, ABP implemented Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.  A 24x7 SOC team was setup to monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic and raise an alarm if it found any malicious activity. Post this; ABP’s immediate response team could take instant action for the identified system. This year ABP also started educating its users through weekly mailers and monthly workshops. This was done as ABP believes that an ignorant user can be the weakest link for an attacker to intrude into the system. A top-down approach is always helpful and proven, hence a cross functional team was formed in-order to comply with the Data Protection Regulations. This approach helped ABP make their organizational network very secure. Not a single instance of data loss or business loss has been reported till date.