CSO100 Award 2019

Subhakar Rudra is Head - Group SAP, IT Infra & Information Security Management at CK Birla Hospitals. He is recognized for taking on major initiatives, and adapting to rapidly changing environment and resolving mission-critical issues to ensure bottom-line success. He is experienced in managing and developing geographically diverse technical teams engaged in various platforms that comprise of network, data center and core server infrastructure, to deliver 24x7 operational support to eight critical manufacturing units, and multiple marketing offices around the globe. Key security initiatives CK Birla Hospitals needed to set up a system to secure business critical and confidential healthcare data. While centralized UTM & anti-virus were in place, the main challenge was to manage multiple authentication and validation points for restricted access to internet over various application protocols, managing anti-virus solution and access to external storages (USB & Optical drives). The organization implemented a directory based identity service across all the three hospitals, as the only central authentication & validation point. Post this implementation, the authentication management of multiple security solutions of the entire organization came under a central console. This ensured effective and seamless management of multiple information security solutions across all the three hospitals, closing all the possibilities of data security failure points.