CSO100 Award 2019

CSO100 Award 2018

Shashank Bajpai is the Chief Information Security officer at ACKO General Insurance. Prior to this, Bajpai was associated with Bombay Stock Exchange as manager for setting up an in-house next-generation Security Operations Centre (SOC) that integrated many advanced solutions with deceptive and cognitive abilities.


Insurance business is enabled with lot of data and data points. To charge the right premium value for any insured product adequate data points must be available for the same. Both data-at-rest and data-in-transit becomes the most critical asset for the business and a crown jewel for a CISO to protect. Open working culture of a startup and permission to visit any website makes the case more peculiar to control. Acko General Insurance, challenges from a culture perspective were added with pressure from business partners to safeguard data with best security controls. Acko General Insurance lacked the resources that could help in narrowing down employees who could be a potential insider threat based on their behavior pattern. To overcome this challenge, the organization deployed data leakage prevention with user behavior analysis and insider threat management. The stealth mode of the end point protection agent enabled the security team to secretly deploy across all endpoints. The lightweight nature of the agent enforced that there was no endpoints lag due to the security control. The implementations had capability of whitelisting and blacklisting of applications, removable media devices and other web browsing activities have helped the organization maintain a secure environment.