CSO100 Award 2019

CSO100 Award 2018

Sanjeev Lamba is a seasoned IT professional with over 23 years of experience in the highly responsive manufacturing environment. He holds a broad range of experience in ERP implementation and process mapping, process automation, digitization, infrastructure setup and management, delivery and operation, governance, risk management and compliance. In the role of Head IT GRC at UNO Minda, he is responsible for group-wide governance on IT policies and other internal guidelines, risk management and information security, BCP, compliance against statutory & other audit requirements and GDPR.


At the UNO Minda Group, multiple internet gateway across multiple locations gave rise to the risk of data leakage and high number of security incidents. No visibility of network incidents and usage of internet was a major challenge. Group wide policy deployment and standardization was not possible due to working in decentralized environment. The auto component manufacturing giant underwent network standardization & Consolidation by setting up an MPLS connectivity between hub and spoke locations. It also saw the implementation of central AD to setting up IRM and administrative controls. Group policy deployment to restrict installation of malicious software was carried out. Internet traffic was diverted through a single gateway for monitoring and hardening of controls. Mitigation of daily incidents was carried out and user awareness was raised through training, flyers, screen savers, emails, etc. Additionally, a central endpoint protection solution was implemented with regular monitoring and update. Among the benefits observed, the company attained control over user permission and data sharing control over internet access, intrusion scanning and blocking at the perimeter level deployment of group policy to define user IRM was made possible.