CSO100 Award 2019

CSO100 Award 2018

S K Singh heads cybersecurity operations at IFFCO. He brings in his varied experience of two decades in the arena of IT security. His business and management expertise are IT strategy and Planning, Program and Project Management, Business Intelligence and Data warehousing.


After evaluating a lot of players, IFFCO finally zeroed in one Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) box along with Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) and Active Response. ATD helped to identify an unknown file, if it is malware or clean file by doing dynamic and static sandboxing. TIE helped sharing threat information in a matter of seconds updating all endpoints about reputation of a file. This helped contain spread of malware in case of legacy systems where all machines need to be updated with latest DAT/ extra DAT. Active Response helped to hunt down the dormant malware which could have executed once user click them. The implementation ensured protection from unknown/ zero day malware, and the time to detect and time to respond to any attack has reduced drastically. From a time where it used to take days to respond to an attack, it's a matter of minutes now how IFFCO prevent attacks from unknown vectors. They did not need to replace any solution and it integrated successfully at all vectors from endpoint, network to mail. IFFCO's environment is protected today against targeted attacks and any unknown malware which are not identified by any signature-based technology.