CSO100 Award 2019

Ravindranath Hirolikar is the VP and Global Head, InfoSec, Data Privacy and Business Continuity at EXL Service. He is a seasoned professional with proven leadership abilities in information and cyber security, data privacy and business continuity with close to 25 years of overall industry experience.


Key security initiatives EXL continues to grow across global markets with technology as core business enabler powering the business growth through digital transformation, advanced Automation and Robotics. As EXL leapfrogs in the digital paradigm with increasing exposure to regulated (PII, PHI and PFI) and ever-increasing CYBER-crimes, EXL identified the following as key focus areas - cyber-attack prevention and response readiness, preventing organizational and client's regulated data leakage, compliance with cyber security regulatory and legal requirements, and compliance with data privacy legal and regulatory requirements. In the last year, EXL has focused investments in advanced cyber protection, detection, response, recovery, awareness and incident reporting capabilities. Employee awareness, social engineering and cyber drill simulations are an integral part of EXL's cyber security readiness.