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CSO100 Award 2017

Currently overseeing United Breweries - security operations, Ravikumar LR is a CISM, CPISI practitioner with over 19 years of industry experience. With proficiency in cyber security, information security, information technology systems and network security, he is an expert in effective in information security consulting, managing engagements, information security operations, governance risk and compliance, planning, performing, and managing audits.


United Breweries was looking for a solution agent must be lightweight with a smaller system resource consumption. It was help in detection and protection against advanced threats, real-time monitoring of incidents, irrespective of whether the user was connected to the corporate network or outside of the corporate network. The solution was to reduce the analysis time and support faster response time for remediation, manage threat hunting service to proactively identify and address the new pattern of threats which are generic in nature and industry specific. Additionally, the solution should be able to detect and prevent known and unknown malware. The company evaluated the best NGAV and EDR products available in the market. UB was able to complete 90 percent of the installation successfully within a week of roll-out for the following reasons: The agent was lightweight, no user intervention for implementation or complicated steps had to be followed, silent installation using available SCCM solution was possible, no system re-boot was required - the service would automatically start and report to cloud console. In addition to this, it wasn't mandatory to have users in the company's corporate LAN for installation and configuration, proactive detection and prevention of potential advanced threats like command and control, privilege evasion, etc. was also made possible. The implementation also improved response time for all the critical incidents due to the clarity of the report provided by the solution.