CSO100 Award 2019

Naga Mohan Gollangi is the CISO at Bank of India.


The bank felt the need for monitoring of privileged user activity and backend updates in databases but there was no existing solutions for this required functionalities. To overcome the challenge, the bank procured privileged identity management (PIM) solution database monitoring and Database activity monitoring (DAM) solution. Now all employees having backend accesses in critical servers have to compulsorily access servers through monitored channel of PIM. All the activities on servers are recorded to act as reference for future requirements and alerts are generated for select critical command executions. Also the users get the benefit of 2FA and Single sign on, for all their server logins. Also all critical databases are under monitoring of DAM solution. Alerts are generated for all the backend accesses with SOC team raising alerts for verification of change management process compliance.

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