CSO100 Award 2019

CSO100 Award 2017

Nabankur Sen has been in the field of information technology and information security for nearly 40 years. As an expert in information systems security and audit, he has led information security and systems audit programs across the enterprises he has worked with. He has established strong policies and procedures with a holistic view on people, process, and technology, focusing on information security, data protection, privacy, incident management and audit programs. Nabankur was instrumental in implementing various solutions to protect the organizations from external and internal attacks and spreading employee awareness on information security.


Bandhan Bank deployed Data Leakage Prevention solution during 2018-2019 which has added significant benefits to the organization. Data leakage is an area of concern for all organizations in general and banks in particular as sensitive customer information is maintained with the bank. Millions of customers part with their confidential and personally identifiable information with the banks with good faith and it is the responsibility of the banks to ensure that such information is not leaked out to unauthorized people. Everybody in the organization is now aware about the rules and any breach on the rules are taken seriously by the top management. The DLP rules were implemented according to the DFA data registers and confidentiality parameters identified. If anyone attempts to send confidential document to their personal email ids, or tries to copy confidential files on USB drives etc., their departmental heads are informed. Everyone is now sensitive that they will get caught if they try to take out confidential data.