CSO100 Award 2018

CSO100 Award 2017

Maya R Nair, Head of Information Security for Idea Cellular, has a vast experience in information Security for more than 18 years. Key security initiatives Idea Cellular evaluated various available solutions in the market with extensive POC to make sure that they are getting all the features that they looked for without compromising on any existing feature. The budget available did not allow them to go big bang. They short listed the machines which were not protected adequately, or not protected at all. These machines were implemented with the AI-based solution.  From the Infosec view point, there was more certainty on the protection of these machines. Since they added this solution to the machines which were otherwise not much in the focus, they now get a complete visibility into the overall landscape. The governance, risk and compliance (GRC) reports now show a more complete picture of the Infosec posture. In addition, the users got freedom from reporting back to an office where corporate LAN is available and benefited in terms of time and travel costs.