CSO100 Award 2017

Khursheed Muzaffar is the CISO of Jammu & Kashmir Bank with more than 25 years of experience in banking technology. He not only has a rich experience of automation in some major banks in the country, but has also been witness to banks transitioning from manual systems to ALPM, moving to branch automation and finally culminating in CBS. From setting up of the first computer in branch till the CBS implementation, he has been overseeing all technology initiatives at the Jammu & Kashmir Bank since 1995. Muzaffar also has a rich experience in automation of grameen banks and has spearheaded the award winning project for Jammu & Kashmir Grameen Bank. He has vast expertise in several avenues of banking automation including technology infrastructure setup, networking architecture, security architecture, application requirements, CBS implementation, transaction switching, payment systems, e-learning, and mobile banking. Apart from banking projects, he has also been involved at state level initiatives for various non-banking projects like Aadhar, CSC and Gulmargh Gondola automation.