CSO100 Award 2019

John J is the CISO at YASH Technologies and has over 13 years of IT experience. He is the proud winner of the CSO100 Award for 2019.


John Joseph led the drive to implement Privilege Identify Management (PIM) and Privilege Access Management (PAM) and Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) among the many security solutions at YASH.

Identity and Access Management: John Joseph was able to successfully run the PIM/PAM IDM PoC and showcased the importance of the EPM solutions along with the data points to the leadership and onboard the security solution.

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) on emails: With this control implemented, there was a huge amount of sensitive and confidential information saved from leaving the network and resulting in a data breach. Appropriate security polices along with financial and GDPR were implemented to monitor any non-compliance.

YASH is now confident that no sensitive data leaves the environment.

Full Disk Encryption: Endpoints lacked disk encryption. Bitlocker was tested in few of the endpoints and then was rolled out globally. All users were moved to Win 10 Enterprise edition and once the migration was complete, Bitlocker was deployed. This was a huge success for the company in ensuring that all the mobile devices were encrypted, and the data is safe even if the laptop was stolen or lost.