CSO100 Award 2019

Giri Govindarajulu is the CISO - APAC at Cisco Systems. His specialties include delivering IT services with a passion for developing game changing strategies using technology. He has over 24 years of diverse global career experience spanning IT, strategy, business transformations, enterprise applications and software engineering. He is a passionate leader who successfully inspires and builds teams along with instinctively collaborating cross functionally and has the ability to synthesize complexity into elegant simplicity and successfully delivers through an integrated architectural approach.


An integrated architecture for security was implemented to accelerate the business process and growth. The architecture included the defense in depth approach from end point all the way to network and an ability to look into the baseline profile of everything that is being deployed. The non-compliances along with the risks in each dimension were identified and measured using the Intuitive Security Posture that was developed from bottoms-up with comprehensive automation that involved interfaces to various devices and products to get the real time information of the configuration and status. The visualization was done to cover different pillars to get a comprehensive view of business function, the sites that are used for partner connects, the network dimensions including subnets. Monitoring and vulnerability management, user attribution and end device management. The capability to see the compliances and non-compliances at different depths was significant for making the right decision.