CSO100 Award 2018

B Venkateshwar Rao led some key security initiatives at Orient Cement in the last year. He has 10 years of experience in cybersecurity. He has been successfully developing security procedures, conducting internal audits and implementing advanced solutions at Orient Cement.  Key Security Initiatives Orient Cement planned to secure its data and provide better experience to the end users even though the company had layers of information security already in place. One challenge the company faced was to better utilize the existing bandwidth. Orient Cement has many ISPs for its corporate office and for other locations; but the company was not able to utilize the bandwidth all at a time. The company worked with different solutions. After detailed discussions it finally implemented a Load Balancer Solution across the various locations. The company invested into Bandwidth Load Balancing, Application Load Balancing and WAF – web application firewall.  With Bandwidth Load Balancing, all redundant bandwidth is utilized and the company is only using the bandwidth that it is paying for. Many applications at Orient Cement have primary and secondary servers but end-user allocation was not automated. Now with Application Load Balancing the company has achieved that. With web application firewall all the applications are secured in a way that no IP are exposed to the outside world, and only the virtual IP appears.