CSO100 Award 2019

Ashish Chakraborty is head IT & security at Harbinger Group. He has over 21 years of experience in the field of information technology services, enterprise computing, information security, IT governance and risk management. At Harbinger Group, he oversees the Corporate Information Systems (CIS) division and sets IT direction. He is responsible for future-proofing Harbinger against new and emerging cyber threats and to define multi-year strategy to safeguard business.


The organization deployed infra and security for blockchain application project in cloud, followed by monitoring and support post deployment. The success story began with communicating to the customer the team's potential and skills, which increase their confidence. This was followed by architecture design to suit the application. The process involved convincing the customer and getting the design approved followed by appropriate firewall, security, monitoring product selection to secure the environment. The production setup was built with security as the uttermost priority, along with all the license version of firewall, with two layers of security in-built in the cloud infra. This project made the IT department move from cost center to revenue generator for the company. The infra was monitored by IT, which helped generate revenue along with change management.