CSO100 Award 2019

Aasif Ansari is the manager infoSec at B&K Securities India.


Security takes on different forms and dimensions from one business to another, which means 'security-in-a-box' solutions may be part of the answer, but rarely are the complete answer to keeping systems and data safe. The solutions the organization used last year, or the year before, need to be re-assessed, relative to their current value proposition. Some of those technologies and vendor partnerships will transcend into the future intact and/or with improved value proposition(s). Others will not fare as well and will need to change and adapt if they are to offer value now and into the future, and survive. In any case, solutions need to adapt to accommodate the current and future needs of an organization. The product which the organization implemented has a capability to manage in a single dashboard and can monitor each and every system health according to its activity where ever the user exists around the globe. The product is having deep learning which protects and notify on the dashboard and can easily isolate the infected system from the network.